Oct 5, 2011

24 Hours Comics 2011

And Why Would You
created in 24 Hours Comics Day 2011 in Singapore, Goodman Arts Centre. 10.00am - 05.55am 

Pen and ink on A5 paper / Photoshop tones 

It was a great avenue to do something I wouldn't have normally done. While thinking of an idea, I came up with a guy whose response to everything is to question "And why would you?". I just ran with it, and made some fourth wall jokes on the way. Incredibly interesting experience. Can't wait for next year. 

I did not plan extensively at first, I drew straight ahead while trying to come up with the story about 2 pages at a time. So I've had about 6 pages inked by dinnertime. After dinner, I decided to just simply rough out the whole thing directly on paper - thankfully. Because by the time I'm inking page 16 - this was way past midnight - my brain had shut itself down, and only my hand kept itself moving. If I still have to think about the story by then, it would have been disastrous. 

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